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A moofable feast.

Be brave enough to burn and you'll be brave enough to fly.

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Tuesday, June 10th
polar bear 2
Well, another circuit around the sun has been completed. Today is my birthday. Even though this is the first year I'm actually living in Maryland, this is the first time since I started dating Jack that I'm spending my birthday in Nebraska. Although to continue the irony chain, today I will be out celebrating it with Jack and Sarah... my family is having a General Seasonal Existence Recognition Event (you know, a GSERE) later in the week, when more of us are available.

I'm in town for my sister's wedding, which went off without a hitch (well, except the one that was the object of the occasion) this past weekend. I'm still on vacation through Friday, though there will be a short MU chapter later in the week anyway... I had thought it would be years before I had a chance to show my newfound family around my old st[o/a]mping grounds, but when I realized we were all going to be in town anyway, I asked my folks if we could just haunt their basement for another week or so. I've got five days to show them around, which might seem like overkill for Omaha if you've never seen the best of what it has to offer. As things stand, I don't think we'll get to everything we might want to.

Every once in a while I make a resolution that as a crowdfunded creator, I need to be less awkward about rattling the cup and reminding people that I do this writing thing for a living. That resolution usually lasts as long as it takes for me to quickly and half-heartedly do it for that month. I've never been a fan of starting things on the first day of the calendar year, but maybe putting it out there at the start of a new year of my existence as a person on the planet will help make it stick.

So, if you would like to send some birthday love and help fund the next year of writing, let me tell you your options. There's my traditional PayPal. You can pledge monthly support in any amount on Patreon ( http://patreon.com/AlexandraErin ). If you prefer an equal exchange, there's my e-book store: http://sellfy.com/AlexandraErin. For those who prefer an actual gift,I do have a wishlist... though since I'm not at home this week, please don't select 2 day shipping even if you've got that for free.

If you're already supporting my writing in any of those or other ways or you just can't afford to kick in right now, no sweat. That's the magic of the model. People sometimes tell me they feel guilty about reading for free, but I wouldn't put it up for free if I resented people reading it. If only one reader in a hundred pays, I still need those other 99 readers to get there. You folks are the best audience and the best advertisers I could hope for.

I'll be back in the saddle on June 16th, and the back half of June should be a good one.

<3 AE

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Happy birthday, birthday twin. :)

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