A moofable feast. (alexandraerin) wrote,
A moofable feast.

So, I spent most of the weekend on my back... no, this isn't another "slightly personal" post. When I get really tired (in the sense of deep-down fatigue rather than just sleepy) I have muscle spasms. Mostly they seem to be in my arms and legs. They're occasionally painful and they sometimes lead to cramps and kinks. But on Friday night, I started getting them down on my lower back, around my spine. Fun times. I had a much less severe backache to begin with... I don't know if that contributed to the spasms or if it was caused by ones that I didn't notice. They kind of peaked sometime Saturday, and then left me with my back feeling all bruised and torn up. More fun times.

I'm feeling better now, though... especially as my insomnia broke definitively last night. I had only just said something to Jack that it was frustrating to lie awake in bed a few minutes before when the switch flipped and my brain went "sleepy"... not just tired, but actually sleepy, as in the feeling of being close to falling asleep. It wasn't exactly the fabled blacking out the moment my head hit the pillow, but I don't think it could have taken me more than half an hour to fall asleep once I was in bed.

My plans for today are to write, write, write. No predictions on what I'll get done. I've been working on my speed and endurance, though, and while this weekend kind of sucked I just need to keep going. It's been taking me twice as long to write half as much and even if that didn't bother anybody else, it bothers me.
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